How To Recover A Desk Chair

So I’ve had this ugly desk chair for years. It’s perfectly comfortable, just super ugly. The red fabric just isn’t me.


So I found a fantastic fabric 50% off at Joanns and I got a half a yard. Which wasn’t enough, went back got a yard, which would of been enough, BUT I cut the last piece too small and went back once more and got 3/4 a yard. When you do this, measure your chair and measure twice cut once. It’ll save you time and gas. Also you won’t end up running to the fabric late at night to get that last piece of fabric like a mad woman.

So first step was bringing it downstairs into the living room, putting on Midsomer Murders and start taking it apart. The back support was pretty straight forward. Then I pried it apart. It was attached by small nails. I was so glad I got a tetanus shot recently because I did prick myself, a few times.OpenBack

As you can see, so many stables! I was going to take the old fabric off, but that’d take forever so I cheated and left it on. You can’t see the old fabric through the new so it doesn’t matter at all.

Next I started draping fabric over the pieces. I lined up the pattern how I wanted it and trimmed it up. Next I stapled it at the top, pulled it tight at the bottom and stapled the bottom piece. Then I did the same on each side. Then I just kept doing that over and over until it was completely secured and trimmed off the extra. My puppy found the whole process very interesting as you can see. He didn’t understand why I wouldn’t throw his toy while I was working on this.


Now on to the back piece. The back piece was more complicated. It has no padding on it, so I realized there was no way I could use my staple gun because they’d go right through the wood. So I used hot glue and glued the fabric on. Worked great! I just burned my fingers a few times and pricked my fingers on the nails a few times too.HotGlue.jpg

The next step was the seat itself. The biggest and thickest part of the chair. This piece had black batting on the bottom to hide the edges. I carefully ripped that off and saved it to put it back on when finished. I used the same technique as with the back support cushion, stapling and pulling tight until it was finished. I reattached it to the base then started working on the back piece.

The back piece was a little bit tricky just in the fact that I had to cut holes in the back of the fabric for the bolts to go through. I also had to push the nail tacks back through, which was easy with my hammer. In the end I now have this beautiful chair. ChairFinished.jpg

Which looks like it was way more expensive then it was. I actually found out recently that my dad got this chair free from work, so score! In the end I’d say this project cost me around $20, with all the extra fabric I bought, but I’ll just make some pillows with the extra or something.

Here’s a final side by side comparison. It’s so pretty now. I stared at it forever when I was done, just admiring my work.