Quick Fix For Reinforcing Bed Supports

Have a raised bed with slats that support your box frame? I do. I have a metal bed frame and wood beams to support the box frame. I have a feeling that my dad cut them, as the frame came from a garage sale before I can even remember. I have had this bed frame for a loooooooong time. It’s fine. It works. I’m rather short so a full is more than enough for me and my dog, but every once in awhile a bed support beam will fall out, which is not a fun way to wake up in the middle of the night.

So how to fix this issue? Simple. All you need is a few 2″ corner braces and a drill.


Take out your support beams that are causing the trouble (I only had 2 that would fall out on occasion) and attach 2 of these on each end. The metal on the bottom keeps the wood beams from being pushed through the frame and the metal on the ends makes them a tighter fit which means less of a chance of them shifting and falling out.

I haven’t had a problem since. Total cost around $6.00.


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