How To Patch A Plush Area Rug

Almost a year ago I brought my cute little puppy home. He was 3 1/2 months old and the cutest dog in the world (still is). Well he’s a chewer. He’s smart and has learned better, but with in a month of being brought home the person who was watching him while I was at work didn’t do that good of a job and he chewed a small hole in my area rug.Hole.jpg

He learned he shouldn’t do that after a simple scolding when he was caught and has never tried to since. That whole has been driving me crazy for a long time though and I’ve finally fixed it. All you need is a sample of plush carpet the same color as the hole, scissors and a hot glue gun.Supplies.jpg

Just simply cut a piece of the sample to fit the hole and glue it into place. Make sure you check that the piece you cut fits before you put glue on it though.HoleSample.jpg

It’s a bit lighter, since my puppy hasn’t gotten it dirty, but it’ll blend in soon enough.


Now it’s time to give it a ‘hair cut.’ Make sure you don’t cut the rug, just the patch.


After it gets walked on a bit it’ll blend right in. I may go in and give it a trim again later if it doesn’t get smooched as much as I think it will. It’s not seamless yet, but it’s much better than that hole.

This project cost me nothing. I got the sample for free, didn’t even cost to ship it, and I already had the glue gun and scissors.


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