Red Wine Experiment Conclusion


The 2 week experiment reached its end Sunday night and I weighed myself yesterday morning first thing. In two weeks of drinking red wine every night before bed I lost 1.8 lbs. This brings my total weight loss to 11.6 lbs in just under 2 months. Not bad, not bad at all.

Again there’s no real way to tell if the red wine made a huge difference or not and I still worked out and counted the calories of everything I consumed, even the wine. We’ll see how I do in the next 2 weeks and compare when I just have a glass of wine occasionally.


2 thoughts on “Red Wine Experiment Conclusion

  1. There are so many factors, who knows? Staying active and minding what you eat plays a significant part I would imagine. Good luck! By the way, what kind of workout plan do you follow?


    • Currently I take 3 classes at Title Boxing Club a week. I’m going to up that to 4 classes a week in 2 weeks. Every class is different, but they all follow a 15-30-15 set up. 15 minutes of stretching/cardio, 30 minutes of boxing with exercises mixed in and ending with 15 minutes of cardio, other exercises and stretching.

      According to my Fitbit Charge HR I usually burn about 500 calories by the end of class but then with walking my dog after and the increase in my heart rate that usually almost doubles by the time I go to bed. For example yesterday I burned a total of 862 calories. I really love my FitBit and My Fitness Pal, they make tracking my food and workouts so easy. I’d suggest trying My Fitness Pal if you’re interested. It’s a free app and website that can also track your exercise and estimate your calorie burn.


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